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Miki Ohana

1983,  Givat Olga. Studied in Jerusalem, now live and create in Beit-Hillel, The Upper Galilee.

I create in different fields: drawing, animation, sculpture and sewing, all of which express gentle manual skills.

my art reflects a true spirit of innocence and kindness, as well as a sense of rebelliousness. Precision on a small scale and even transparency characterize my art in all fields. The colors and textures are taken from the environment and have an active role in the creation of works characterized by the camouflage of colors and shapes. my works portray a sense of the grotesque and the ridiculous and destabilize the boundaries between beauty and ugliness.

I am inspired by an urban industrial environment as well as contemporary Japanese culture and design. This is evident in my works from recent years: exceptional drawings made with a sewing machine. With great talent, i sew drawings with black sewing thread into simple white cloth.  In addition to the sewed drawings my work also includes small sculptures made of iron wires as well as weird, funny and touching cloth dolls.

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